Cosmetic Refurbishment

A common problem found with gelcoat is stress cracking, often seen around the bases of stanchions and deck fittings and at sites of minor impact damage.

Although not structurally significant, such damage may allow water ingress into the laminate It also spoils the appearance of the vessel as dirt tends to accumulate in the cracks.

Repair starts using a tool like a dentists drill to remove stained and damaged gel to key in the new coating.

Successive coats of very accurately colour matched gel are applied to perfectly replicate the surrounding area.


The repair is then sanded and polished.

The finished work will be virtually invisible to the eye

Unfortunately gel coat is prone to dulling and staining caused by harmful uv rays, contaminants in the air and sea water. This problem can be remedied by using types of cutting compound to give your boat a revitalised look. Fine scratches and fender scuffs can be cut back with wet and dry paper prior to polishing.


This Westerly yacht is more than twenty years old but looks as good as new following our treatment.

A professional finish to the highest standard is guaranteed